Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Tip of the Sword

Hello and greetings to all.

Welcome to my blog and my first post.  Thank you for reading and for your future support.

Like many people I wondered for years what it would be like to own your own business.  Like many people that was as far as it got, just a passing thought in the back of my mind.  In June of 2009 that changed when I was laid off from my cushy full time job as an electrical controls engineer.  Two weeks later I was invited to attend a franchise seminar, which I agreed to, because I will listen to anything if there is a chance for money to be made.  The operative word there being, listen.  Anyway when the presenter finished he put a slide on the screen of the franchises he had to offer.  Approximately five seconds later I asked what he had that was more brain that brawn.  I had reached a point in my life when I thought to give my back a rest and use my head more. 

As a result of that seminar I became a Home Video Studio owner.  Earlier I mentioned my cushy full time forty-hour full time job, well cushy it was because owning your own business is far from it.  However, in spite of the increased workload, there is something comforting in the fact that you are totally responsible for what happens with that business or in some cases not.  In other words like President Truman said “the buck stops here”.  Well so much for the history lesson lets get on to the real reason for this blog.

Here at Home Video Studio we believe that all memories can be fleeting at best, and will deteriorate over time.  Especially if those memories are of the more tangible variety like photographs, slides, 8 & 16 mm film, video tapes, LP records, and reel-reel tapes just to name a few.   Some of these mediums are over sixty years old, and yet people will stuff these family heirlooms of history into a box and relegate them to the never-never land of the bedroom closet, if their lucky.  The less fortunate end up in the garage attic doomed for extinction.  Therefore, we at Home Video Studio are dedicated to preserving those memories in 24K GOLD, but not quite in the literal sense of the word.

Now at this point I could go into how it is that we can use a precious metal like gold, that at the point in time I am writing this sells at over $1300 a troy ounce, but I don’t want to sit here and write the great American novel either.   So I will leave you with a general idea of what to expect in future installments of this blog.  I will be discussing a broad variety of topics that will include, but not limited to, technical information and history of audio and visual products, movie and musical history and trivia this just for starters.  So stay tuned because the next segment will deal with the 24K gold preservation method I mentioned earlier.

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  1. I have some game footage I want converted to DVD How soon can yu get that done...2 tapes 1.15-2hrs?